Contact Information

  Rev. John Innes, Director
  P.O. Box 158
  Marysvale, UT 84750

  Phone: (435) 326-4613
  Email: cvm@color-country.net


After 15 years of prayer and careful planning, Christian Vocational Ministries (CVM) was established in 1999 in the small town of Marysvale, Utah, by John and Marylu Innes.

CVM is a second-chance ministry for men designed to help those desiring to make a fresh start in life or young men simply wanting to learn a vocational trade in a thoroughly Christian environment.

The program, run by John Innes, consists of cabinet building instruction in a modern, well-equipped shop and general housing construction. In addition, personal and group Bible studies and counseling are implemented on a regular basis. Scripture memory also plays a major role in helping these men chart a new course in life.

The men at CVM learn to serve the Lord by making occasional trips to help churches with building projects. As Mr. Innes says, "We don't use people to get work done, we use work to get people done!" This ministry rejoices in a number of graduates from the one-year program who have moved on to become productive and successful.

Not only do the men who enroll at CVM benefit, but the community is also being noticeably improved by the construction projects Mr. Innes uses to school the men. From time to time, these rebuilt and remodeled homes will be made available to purchase, which will help fund further ministry with other men who need a second chance.

CVM's three primary ministries include:

  1. Helping Christian men who've gotten off the "straight and narrow" to get back on track with their lives
  2. Furnishing churches with professionally handcrafted cabinetry
  3. A place for conducting Church Building Maintenance Seminars for laymen of Bible-believing churches.

“Serving the Church through Teaching, Training, and Helping” epitomizes what the Lord is doing here. Please take a look around this website and learn the various ways how CVM might be able to serve you and your local church.


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