Our Program

Contact Information

  Rev. John Innes, Director
  P.O. Box 158
  Marysvale, UT 84750

  Phone: (435) 326-4613
  Email: cvm@color-country.net

Our Program

CVM has been started to fill a need in helping men who have been saved after having made many poor decisions and wrong choices. Bad habits are extremely hard to overcome and need to be replaced with good and wholesome living.

“Old things are passed away, behold all things are become new.”
II Corinthians 5:17b

It is our prayer that the atmosphere and a program of character and skill training will produce many men of Christian stature who are desirous of serving the Lord with all of their heart.

The program's guidelines, rules and boundaries are not meant to inhibit, but rather to encourage good behavior and proper relationships. Biblical principles should be the foundation upon which lives are built. Our main purpose is to glorify God in everything we do and say.

The Purpose

CVM is not a reformatory but a place for regenerated (saved) individuals who have a desire to grow in the Lord. We are here to help men become victorious over past habits and sins. However, this is only the beginning.

We also desire:

  • To provide 24 hour help and encouragement in spiritual growth
  • To prepare for life through character training
  • To prepare for service in the local church
  • To help men who want to develop their physical skills in a Christian environment Director

The Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on our understanding of Scripture and our doctrinal beliefs which include:

  • Christ came to save sinners, and once a person is saved they become a part of the body of Christ. When this occurs, the Church has the responsibility to teach them “to observe all things” that Christ has commanded.
  • The Church also has the obligation to “restore” those overtaken in a fault Gal 6:1 , “receive” the weak Rom 14:1 and “bear the infirmities of the weak” Rom 15:1.
  • Regeneration involves a change in attitude and direction
  • Sanctification is a continual and sometimes slow process culminating when we enter glory.
  • When individuals are saved, we must begin where they are.
  • God delights in using the weak to confound the mighty.
  • The emphasis of our ministry is discipleship, rather than evangelism.
  • Discipleship is needed immediately after one is saved
  • Individuals often need to be isolated as much as possible from the sources of past temptations and failures, and friends.
  • One of the first things a new Christian must do is learn to make right choices after making a lifetime of wrong choices (decisions).
  • Most individuals who are in prison or have been on drugs are followers, not leaders. They need Christian roll models and mentors.
  • The local church is the agent which God has chosen to carry out the Great Commission. We therefore are under a local church and work closely with a church in our community.
  • The local church is God’s focal point for worship, growth and service. We therefore have our staff and students participate actively in Marysvale Baptist Church.
  • We desire to prepare the men for loyal service to the Lord, their pastor and church.
  • We desire the sending church to be active in the life of the student.

Program Includes

The program at CVM includes:

  • Group devotions
  • Personal Bible study and Scripture memorization
  • Daily chores
  • Training
  • Work
  • Periodic outings to national parks etc.
  • Everyone is expected to participate in all of the activities
    at Marysvale Baptist Church.


Developing mental, physical, social and spiritual skills

  • Bible doctrines
  • Christian ethics
  • Spiritual growth
  • GED preparation

Vocational Training

  • Cabinetry
  • Carpentry
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Painting
  • Roofing
  • Landscaping
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